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ProntoTrak is Georgia's strategic provider of SCRAM. The SCRAM ankle bracelet measures the amount of alcohol in a person's blood using patented transdermal technology. A pump in the bracelet draws in sweat vapors secreted by the skin, and the bracelet then analyzes those vapors for any alcohol content. The bracelet takes readings every thirty minutes, stores the results, and reports them via modem to our monitoring center. The device is tamper-proof and water-resistant. The testing by the SCRAM unit is consistent and uninterrupted, providing reliable results 24/7, 365 days a year.


GPS Monitoring

To track the whereabouts of an offender any time or anywhere, we utilize a revolutionary GPS monitoring system. The unit utilizes a unique hybrid of GPS and cellular technology, which allows it to use cellular triangulation to track the offender even in impaired environments where traditional GPS units lose signal. This is critical to reliability since people spend 70% of their time away from home which prevents traditional GPS systems from functioning properly.

Our GPS unit is a small, one-piece device that does NOT require the offender to have a home phone line. It is 100% waterproof, and can be used while showering or swimming without removing the battery. The program offers great flexibility, both in the level of monitoring and when setting up schedules and curfews, and features unlimited inclusion and exclusion zones.

Radio Frequency Electronic Monitoring

Radio Frequency Electronic monitoring consists of a transmitter in the form of an ankle bracelet with a receiver, which is placed in the offender's home. The transmitter communicates with the receiver during the predetermined times the offender is scheduled to be at home. The receiver communicates via the home telephone line to the monitoring center any and all violations. The transmitters are tamper-proof and water resistant.

In-Home Breathalyzers

ProntoTrak also provides traditional in-home alcohol monitoring. These units include a breathalyzer that communicates test results to a monitoring center, as well as a digital camera that confirms the identity of the tested individual. With a schedule set up by the court or probation officer, the system calls the offender at pre-set times. This ensures sobriety compliance, as well as mandatory curfew check ins.

Voice Supervision

Voice supervision is another innovative method for offender monitoring. There is no equipment needed for this type of monitoring except a home phone line. The AnyTrax system is software-based, and provides a program of random phone calls to the offender's home to verify their location. The offender must be present to receive the call, and must then call back into the AnyTrax system, which verifies the source of the phone call. To confirm the identity of the person making the call, a voice print is taken during the enrollment process. If the location and/or voice print do not match, our monitoring center is notified of the violation.

AnyTrax presents a very flexible and inexpensive alternative for monitoring offenders. The call system can be set up on a schedule which follows adult offenders from work to home, or follow juvenile offenders from school to grandmother's house, and back home again. The level of supervision can adapt to the offender's circumstances, and graduated sanctions demonstrate to the offender that their compliance has positive results.


Professional Installation

Monitoring equipment can often be installed the same day, if requested. If circumstances allow, our staff can perform hook-ups at the local jail or other court-approved location. In addition to installing the equipment, our monitoring coordinators will provide a complete orientation to the offender that includes behavior expectations, consequences for violations and equipment care. 


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